DIOSA Web 2.0 Training Doubles as Fundraiser

I just learned from a coworker about an intriguing Web 2.0 training opportunity for nonprofits in New York City this Friday, March 28.

The price of admission? A $35 donation to the Fair Trade Resource Network. The organizer? Heather Mansfield, owner of DIOSA | Communications and online community manager for Change.org.

The registration process itself provides a mini-education in how the power of Web 2.0 can be harnessed for nonprofits: the social-networking approach to promoting the training includes a widget on the DIOSA Web site that facilitates donations and doubles as a portable promo for the event, which people can embed on their own sites. (I tried embedding the widget here but couldn’t; my best troubleshooting guess is that Wordpress security settings won’t allow it.)

Heather’s fundraising goal via the training is $2,800, and so far she’s raised $2,265 from people who have registered to attend the training session. If my tally is correct, participants represent close to 50 nonprofits in the NYC area.

If I didn’t have a prior commitment on Friday, I would definitely attend!

PS: Check out how to partner with DIOSA to organize a Web 2.0 training for nonprofits in your city, to benefit your organization.


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